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I really apologise for the long absence, really. Holidays, responsibilities and work got in the way… But good news! I am BACK!

I have really missed you all, you know. 

I’ll try sorting out my messages this evening or tomorrow, and trying to get back to my Tumblr in general, even if I haven’t really been able to read anything throughout the summer…

I really look forward to hearing from you all again, this was just a small message to let you know that I wasn’t dead.

Oh, one last point. I have 600 followers. 600. Six hundreds. How did that happen? Thank you, really, thank you to all of you to keep up with me even if I wans’t really here during the last months. If you were all at arm’s length, I would have given a hug to every single one of you.

Hope to hear from all of you soon :)

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» The Pen Pal Program Official List of Participants


Here it is: the long awaited list of Pen Pals! For those of you who don’t know how it works, you can choose as few or as many bloggers to ask if they would like to be pen pals with you. Then, if the person agrees tag me in a post or message me telling me who you’re writing to and on Friday,…

I am part of the PenPal Program, so feel free to write to me! Even if you are not on the list, I’ll always be glad to talk to you :)
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Book suggestions anyone? 

I want to discover new texts, so tell me your favorite book, the one you are currently reading or what you think I should absolutely read!

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Hey! No, I am still not dead, but still in the USA, so without much of a Wifi system for the moment. Anyway, my uncle has promised me he would take me to a bookstore before I leave, would you guys have any suggestions for me as to what to read next? :)

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I just finished Aristotle and Dante discover the Secrets of the Universe. I bought it because I saw it a lot here on Tumblr, and honestly? I did not expect to like it that much. It was easy to read yet wonderfully well-written, funny and sad, bittersweet most of the time, had great characters and a beautiful story.
I spent the rest of the car journey rereading parts of it.

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Thoughts on the USA (so far) 

- I hate jet-lag. I arrived in Denver two days ago and my body still thinks I am in Europe and falls asleep at 6pm. It’s kind of annoying.
- Breakfast are great, even if I have the feeling that people seems to eat far too much. And French toasts are one of the best things ever ( I am sorry to disappoint, though, they are not French. We have something that looks like this in France but the bread is different a different and the preparation around is less sweat. )
- Cars are HUGE. Confortable, but huge, compared to the ones we have in Europe.
- The mountains are gorgeous. I went by a place where the green of the trees contrasted with the red of the rocks and the blue of the sky, and that was gorgeous.


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I am leaving Europe for the US tonight until the 23rd of June. I will have my phone with me to update my Tumblr, but I am not sure I’ll have the time nor the possibility to do so. And anyway, I am not sure I’ll be able to blog about books, so if I do it would mostly be pictures, thoughts on the trip or things on the same theme.

See you in twenty days, and I hope you’ll all have a wonderful summer! :)

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Asker Portrait
» A message from Anonymous:

What is camp nano?

I was sure I had already answered this question, but it appears that… I haven’t. I am sorry if my last posts confused my followers, then, and I’ll make an explanation now :)

CampNano is an emanation from NaNoWriMo, literally National Novel Writing Month. Your goal for Nanowrimo is to write 50,000 in a month (around 1,650 a day) in order to write a novel. Camp is a bit different, because you can set your own word-count and then write as much as you want. For example, I let it at 50, 000 but some of the people I am doing it with only have a 10,000 or 20,000 word-count.

On of the specificities of Camp is also that you can create “cabins”, which are a group of writers: on the cabin page, you can see how much they wrote, you can discuss things on the message boards, you can ask questions…

Camp is really much more relaxed that the actual NaNoWriMo, which takes place in November, but still has the same goal: make yourself write, should it be according to a plan or following the flow, everyday and try to achieve something.

It’s really gratifying, and I am lucky enough to have wonderful co-writers this year, so I really recommend it :)

Does this answer your questions, dear anon? :)

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Evening writing

Evening writing

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  • Me: But I have about fifty books at home I haven't read, there's no reason for me to buy these.
  • My brain: Okay, but consider this: more books.
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